Modest Campaign Of The Day – Fox Fables

First, A Quick Blurb About Modest Campaigns

As someone who has run a modest campaign, I can certainly appreciate others doing the same. To clarify, I define a “modest campaign” as a campaign that has a funding goal under $1,000. For those of you who don’t know, modest campaigns are very important for creators who don’t have the funding to make a big marketing campaign and are just trying to get their foot in the door. The modest campaign allows the creator to have a go at running a successful campaign, gain a small following, learn A LOT, and gauge the desire for their product. This knowledge and experience can then be used by the creators to launch bigger and more successful campaigns in the future. With all this being said here a few humble campaigns that caught my eye.

Fox Fables

This is Destiny Nowicki. A struggling young artist with a talent for drawing foxes, and wants to share their stories.

fox 4

Her campaign, Fox Fables, features cards with pictures of adorable foxes on the front and a poetic short story about that fox on the back.

fox 2

With an adorable art style that gives off a slight asian vibe (possibly stemming from her taking 4 years of Japanese)  You can’t help but well up a little inside. With multiple foxes holding multiple story lines Destiny shows she has a fully stocked gallery of talent to share with the world.

fox 3

I wish the best of luck to Destiny and have myself pledged to her campaign. You can find all the links to help support her campaign through backing or sharing in the links below.

That’s all for today. If you have any questions or comments your always welcome to put them in comment section.Until next time, Im Zack Applewhite with Betta Games, Have a Magical Day!




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Project Of The Week: M A D E – Custom Shoes For The Modern Man

M A D E – Tech x Bespoke


This campaign is exactly what I love about Kickstarter. It is new, innovative, something that would have never in a million years crossed my mind, completely out of the box, and I want it! So what is it? I’ll let them tell you in their own words.

M A D E is the world’s first online bespoke shoe company that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. We’re bringing bespoke to the digital age by offering a smartphone 3D foot scanner app, taking orders online, and delivering our shoes to your doorstep.

That’s right they want you to take pictures of your feet so they can make you a custom fitting pair of shoes. No multiple appointment, no back of the shoe digging into your heel, or pinched toes, the perfect shoe.

This great idea for mainstreaming custom made shoes is only one of the things that makes their campaign my project of the week. Here is a quick list of what this project has going for it.

1. Good Video


  • Though the audio in the very beginning is a bit off, its all up hill from there. The video does a good job at informing the viewer about the story behind the product, where the makers started and where they are in the process.
  • It also shows you how the technology works and gives examples as to how you as the consumer would use this technology.
  • And it really communicates the quality of their product.
  • With good visuals, directing, voice over, script, and soundtrack. This video accomplished all of its goals

2. Their Shoes Actually Look Good!


  • I think the guys behind this took a lesson from Tesla Motors and Apple. Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look awesome!



  • For just starting up they have a good set of colors and shapes your shoes can some in. All while still keeping the shoe looking sleek and professional


I am officially calling this the Tesla Motors of shoes. It’s innovative, customizable, practical, quality, and looks fantastic. They currently have $18,331 pledged of $30,000 goal with 24 days to go. I have no doubt they will reach full funding within that time.

If you want to check out their project here’s the link for you:

That’s all for today. Best of luck MADE I look forward to whatching their campaign grow. If you have any questions or comments your always welcome to put them in comment section.Until next time, Im Zack Applewhite with Betta Games, Have a Magical Day!





The $1 Poem Project

Recently 17 amazing people backed my project. The project known as The $1 Poem Project. I’ve kept myself from talking about it too much on this blog but now that the campaign is over I think it’s an appropriate time. So here are a few things about the project including what it is, its goal, what I learned from it, etc.

What is/was the $1 Poem Project?

The idea of $1 Poem Project is very simple. You give me $1 and a topic of your choosing. I then write a poem about that topic, and mail it to the address of your choosing. Simple as that. And backers can pay extra for extra stuff like making it a haiku or having it signed…..That’s it.

What was the point?

There were a few reasons I wanted to do this campaign.

  1. Simply I like writing poetry. I’ve been doing it for a little while and thought this would be a fun challenge.
  2. I needed more inspiration. And I can say after only working on two of the poems this goal has been achieved. My inspiration for more poetry has sky rocketed since getting the topics.
  3. I wanted some experience on Kickstarter. The project was run by “Betta Games”, this is my company name, although not officially a company. The main goal for Betta Games is to make it a tabletop game design and production company. Me and a few partners are currently working on these games, but are a year or two from being Kickstarter ready. In the mean time we wanted to really be involved and get to know Kickstarter, and the $1 Poem Project has been a great way of doing that.

What I’ve learned so far.

  1. People are awesome. On top of great poem topics I’ve received a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement from people all over the world.
  2. A lot of annoying people want my money. I had no idea how many people/companies there are that claim they
  3. No one wants a fish’s signature…..but that one’s on me I should have expected that.
  4. Kindness is returned with kindness. Blogging, sharing, and backing other’s projects and being genuine about it makes people want to return the favor and helps everyone in the long run.

What’s the future of Betta Games and The $1 Poem Project look like?

Well for now I’m focusing on fulfilling the Kickstarter by working on poems. I very well may do this same project again in the future and on different crowd funding sites, after fulfillment of this project is complete. Reason being, that I want to get to know first hand how most of the major crowd funding site work. As for Betta Games, it’s a slow and steady work in progress. We are taking our time to make lots of great quality games that everyone can enjoy.

Well that’s about it. If you have any questions or comments your always welcome to put them in comment section. Until next time, Im Zack Applewhite with Betta Games, Have a Magical Day!