Modest Campaign Of The Day – Fox Fables

First, A Quick Blurb About Modest Campaigns

As someone who has run a modest campaign, I can certainly appreciate others doing the same. To clarify, I define a “modest campaign” as a campaign that has a funding goal under $1,000. For those of you who don’t know, modest campaigns are very important for creators who don’t have the funding to make a big marketing campaign and are just trying to get their foot in the door. The modest campaign allows the creator to have a go at running a successful campaign, gain a small following, learn A LOT, and gauge the desire for their product. This knowledge and experience can then be used by the creators to launch bigger and more successful campaigns in the future. With all this being said here a few humble campaigns that caught my eye.

Fox Fables

This is Destiny Nowicki. A struggling young artist with a talent for drawing foxes, and wants to share their stories.

fox 4

Her campaign, Fox Fables, features cards with pictures of adorable foxes on the front and a poetic short story about that fox on the back.

fox 2

With an adorable art style that gives off a slight asian vibe (possibly stemming from her taking 4 years of Japanese)  You can’t help but well up a little inside. With multiple foxes holding multiple story lines Destiny shows she has a fully stocked gallery of talent to share with the world.

fox 3

I wish the best of luck to Destiny and have myself pledged to her campaign. You can find all the links to help support her campaign through backing or sharing in the links below.

That’s all for today. If you have any questions or comments your always welcome to put them in comment section.Until next time, Im Zack Applewhite with Betta Games, Have a Magical Day!




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