The $1 Book Of Poems


Story Time

Over the past year or so I’ve successfully run 3 Kickstarter campaigns geared towards writing people their own personalized poems for only $1. Each project has connected me with new people, given me inspiring subject matter, and has been an absolute blast!!!….I want more.

Here I am, sitting on the over 50 poems from past projects that I’d love to share with you and the burning desire to write even more for say….$1 each. Here you are, looking ravishing by the way, with a couple of bucks, a topic you would like to have poem written about, and perhaps the desire to read a marvelously random collection of poems.

Which brings me to the campaign, The $1 Book Of Poems

The Basics

  • You give me $1
  • I write you a personalized poem on the topic of your choosing
  • That poem gets put into the e-book along with all of the poems I have done for my past Kickstarter campaigns
  • For an extra $1 you get the e-book itself
  • $5 Get you all of the above, + your poem will be handwritten and mailed to the address of your choosing
  • I plan to later sell the book online (probably Amazon) for the outrageous price of $1.00

– Each poem will be an original work written by me personally.

– Each person gets their own poem and each poem will be different.

– I will own the creative rights to the poems.

– The topic of the poem may be happy, sad, stupid, silly, or anything really. If you want it to be about someone you love, war, coffee, gender inequality, the pleasure of a bath, the pain of stepping on a Lego, and anything in between. As long as it’s SFW it is allowed.


  • Project Goal = $150
    • Kickstarter is all or nothing. If the $150 goal is not reached, then unfortunately the project will not happen.
  • Pledge Levels

    • Personalized Poem = $1

    • Copy of E-book = $1
    • Poem + E-book = $2
    • Collectors Edition = $5
      • Personalized Poem; Handwritten, Signed, & mailed to the address of your choosing
      • Copy of the E-book
  • If your feeling generous, or would like to help the project reach its goal, you can always pledge more than your reward level.
  • No one will be charged tax or shipping costs.

It would mean the world to me if you went to check it out. Even if you can’t support the project financially, sharing the project would be a big help!! Link:


What follows is some back story and an example of what you will see when you check out the campaign on Kickstarter.


Past Projects

1-Night-Only Kickstarter Live Poetry Reading

  • My most recent & most spontaneous project. Had an absolute blast reading everyone’s poems for them…even if my mom did make me wear a Batman mask while I read hers.

project we love.png

Make 100 Love Poems By Valentine’s Day

  • By far my FAVORITE campaign so far!!! The stories, emotions, and poems that came from this were fantastic! And the time crunch to get everything done in 1 month really pushed the whole thing into this wonderful special thing that I absolutely loved doing.

100 love poems.png

The $1 Poem Project

  • My gateway drug into the world of Kickstarter. This is where it all began, over a year ago, when I had just settled into Ohio, got a job delivering pizza, and started making haikus while I drove.

The $1 Poem Project.png

About Me – Zack Applewhite


Family pic 2 copy.png

  • I am the happy husband of a beautiful woman who gave me a beautiful little boy. Both of whom give me regular doses of inspiration for my poetry….which isn’t always a good thing lol.
  • Above is a picture of me and the family at the Zoo for my birthday…because I’m sort of a child.
  • I have backed over 130 Kickstarter projects, mostly in gaming and publishing.
  • In addition to that, I am a student at Cleveland State University and a full-time employee.

Campaign Graphic Designer – Andrew Wright

Andrew Headshot.png

  • Andrew Wright is a student at Texas State University studying Digital Media Innovation. He plans on pursuing a career with creativity as the forefront of his business.
  • You can see more of Andrew on his Instagram:
  • Or email him directly at

Examples Of Work

These are a few of my more popular poems I’ve posted on my Instagram. As you can tell people love tortured romance, but I can assure you that I can write on any range of topics. I’ve written poems about the TMNT, Donald Trump,  and the word “BoogerNugget” but to see those….you’ll have to buy the book. 😉

Snake20226042_1436720899714864_7849758095919022080_nThoughts on Your Window

Social Media

Feel free to follow along with this project and all the other weird stuff I do on Social Media.


In Closing

There’s a lot more to see on the project page and I would love for you to check it and support the project. Just click HERE for the campaign, and Thank You for your support!!!



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