Remembering the Ladies: A Coloring Book

ladies 1

Today I’m going to talk about a project I am proud to support: Remembering the Ladies: A Coloring Book

Why I am interested in this project.

Simply put, I love empowered women. (Heck I even married one) And I believe that sharing the bountiful history of American women is important for both our girls and our boys. So when I see a coloring book that is special made to broadcast the history of American women, I have to jump on it.

About The Project. (The Basics)

  • The project is run by a very active librarian who has been telling the stories of these women to children through dress up and storytelling.
  • The coloring book will include illustrations from a variety of artists
  • The women covered in the book include founding mothers, abolitionists, suffragists, politicians, and  more.

ladies 2

Where Things Get Interesting.

The creator, Carol Simon Levin, has done an excellent job of making this coloring book unique by adding some of her own special touches.

  • The illustrations featured in the coloring book will come from a variety of artists AND are open submission for EVERYONE!
    • That’s right, If you or someone you know would like to contribute to the coloring book, she is taking submissions.
    • For the details you will have to contact her at:
    • What’s great about this is that it means the coloring book will contain a variety of art styles, which will allow it to convey different types of emotions and messages in addition to adding a unique coloring experience.
  • Each coloring page, will have a short biography, a fascinating fact and a quote by the woman.  It will also include suggestions for further reading for kids, teens, and adults and a note where a museum dedicated to her can be found (if one exists).
    • What I love about this is how inclusive the book is. Whether you just want to color or if you want to learn as well, the book is open to you

ladies 3


I love this project. It’s smart, empowering, creative, and fun. I myself have backed the project with hopes of helping this book get into the hands of boys and girls across America.

The project currently has $$1,155 pledged of $3,000 goal and 20 days left in the campaign.


Thank you for stopping by, and until next time I’m Zack Applewhite with Betta Games wishing you A Magical Day.




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