Project Review: The Hubble Cantata – A Live Virtual Reality Performance

The Hubble Cantata – A Live Virtual Reality Performance


What Is The Project About?

The Hubble Cantata is an innovative merge of live music, science, and technology. Essentially the projects aim is to provide people a journey through the many spectacular pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope through virtual reality, while enhancing their experience with a live performance of classical musicians and singers that pays homage to the wonders of space….and they want to do it for FREE!

hubble 1.jpg

What They Are Doing Right!

  • Firstly, this idea is brilliant!!
    • I love the idea of a guided tour of space paired with spectacular music to make the journey even more epic.
  • The experience will be FREE!!!
    • The creators of this project want it to be for everyone to experience and enjoy much like any museum exhibit. This is great because it really adds value to backing the project.
  • Their graphics are amazing!
    • Their VR people have done a really good job of taking the pictures provided by Hubble and building a world out of them.

hubble 4

What They Are Doing Wrong!

  • Words, Words, Words!
    • Their project page starts off pretty well, but then gets very wordy as they go into explanations and talk far to much about the team working on the project.
    • Fix: I recommend that the creators clean up their project page a bit. Turn words into bullet points and the whole thing becomes much more digestible for potential backers.
  • No Links!
    • Neither on their project page or in their bio are any links to social media pages or a website.
    • Fix: If their project, company/organization, or creator’s have social media accounts, Use Them!! It also helps to have a website for people who want to find out more, but this is often too large of a project and can have very little sharibility. However, having a social media presence is crucial to successful funding. Simply adding on a few Twitter and Facebook accounts should be no problem but could drastically increase their chances of success.

(Disclaimer: Improvements can always be made. I make my critiques solely for pointing out where I believe improvements can be made. I intend to improve not insult.)

hubble 5

What I love about this project

    • I cannot stress this enough, the fact that they want this to be open to the public is a huge selling point for me! It really shows me the dedication the team has to making this project come to life and shows me that their goal is knowledge and joy instead of profit, which is a wonderful thing.
  • This is a truly inventive idea.
    • I have never heard of this being done before but now that I know about it, it seems like this should have become a thing long idea.

hubble 3


  • Will the tour and music be available on DVD in the future?
    • For those of us who may not be able to make the exhibit I would love to bring a piece of it into my home and store it proudly on my shelf.
  • Will people be able to experience this on their own VR equipment at any time?
    • With or without the music, perhaps when the exhibit is over or offering it to those out of the U.S.
  • Where will this exhibit be touring?
    • I would really like to get a general idea of where people might get to experience this.
  • Could this be done through YouTube Live?
    • Making it available to everyone while keeping the integrity of the live performances might be something to consider.
    • This could be done from either the VR perspective or multiple cuts showing the musicians, singers, people experiencing the exhibit, and the VR.

hubble 2


The Hubble Cantata has $2,512 pledged of a $35,000 goal, but still has a whole 28 days to go. I myself have backed the project to show my support. I hope to see them fully funded soon and hope that I’ll be lucky enough to attend one of their events.
If you would like to support their project here is a link to their Kickstarter page:

Until next time, I’m Zack Applewhite of Betta Games, wishing you a Magical Day!





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