The Best Kickstarters, That Are About To End

Uprising – A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy

  • With a funny and surprisingly good video, Uprising – A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy is a creative, fresh,  and entertaining Kickstarter that took me completely by surprise. (The soda machine is my favorite)
  • The project being a comedy, it gives of the vibe of a “Zombie Land” or “Shaun Of The Dead” type deal….but for robots. Which, personally loving movies like “Chappie” and “Ex-Machina”, has me excited.
  • Raised $40,640 of a $36,800 goal
  • 3 days left in campaign


Spark Makerspace Launch

  • For those of you who love community workshop projects, Spark Makerspace Launch is a good choice.
  • Although community projects always have a tough battle on Kickstarter, with a good video and equally good photography, Makerspace has done a fairly good job at connecting with people and communicating their creative spirit.
  • Raised $9,666 of a $15,000 goal
  • 62hrs left in campaign



  • Another community workshop project, #SchoolOfPrint makes the list purely because of their passion and likelihood to succeed if funded.
  • Already having a community backing, experience in the field, and a location Cobden Place makes the fulfillment process of the campaign nearly guaranteed to succeed.
  • Raised $9,890 of a $11,396 goal (converted to USD)
  • 3 Days left in campaign


The Bad Bad Bully’s Alphabet Book

  • This one is just adorable. As the campaign explains, “Using spirited illustrations and humor, this ABC book helps parents start a dialogue about friendship and bullying with their kids.
  • This is an adorable idea for a story telling ABC book that follows a bully through his terrible and creative highjinks until he learns his lesson in the end. For parents looking to find a new way of getting their children to open up about bullying, this book brings a creative and easy option.
  • Raised $7,800 of a $5,000 goal
  • 50hrs left in campaign


And those are a few of the best campaigns on Kickstarter that will be ending soon. If you want to check them out I’ll leave additional links to their campaign here. Until next time, I’m Zack Applewhite of Betta Games, have a magical day.

(Also feel Free to check out my current Kickstarter campaign “The $1 Poem Project”) –


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