A Lesson in Authenticity: (Doughmade: The Portable Doughnut Shop in Paris)

If there is any campaign that harnessed the power of authenticity, it would be Doughmade: The Portable Doughnut Shop in Paris.


I actually came across this campaign on kickstarterforum.org where I met the campaign’s creator Alexander Roberts. In the beginning I was all business. He backed my campaign and I backed his and we helped share each others a little bit, and that was supposed to be the end of it. But well….he grew on me. And I couldn’t help but like the campaign, and even more so the guy behind it. He was just so….”Authentic.”

Now to give you some information about Alexander’s project the essential goal is to raise enough money to buy the supplies he needs to ride around Pairs selling doughnuts. This itself sounds like a long shot. After all who goes to Paris, a city known for its culture and food, to get a doughnut?

Well something that has surprised me about Alexander is that has a natural ability to overcome obstacles. In fact, by most people’s standards, his campaign should have never raised more that a couple of pity dollars due to the many obstacles his campaign faces (As of this post he has raised nearly $6,000). Here is a quick list to summarize these challenges.

The Obstacles Of “Doughmade: The Portable Doughnut Shop In Paris”

  • It is simply a wacky idea
    • Again “doughnuts in Paris?” that’s a tough sell.
  • It is his first Kickstarter project
    • First time Kickstarters are always a little more difficult, due to the lack of experience and a loyal following.
  • Low budget
    • Getting a lot of attention on Kickstarter often takes some start up money to beef up your campaign page and pay for advertising. Money of which Alexander has little or none.
  • Big dreams
    • His funding goal is $6,536
  • Kickstarter is a VERY American crowd funding site
    • For those of you who don’t know there are other crowd funding sites in the E.U. that are very popular such as gogetfunding.com, based in London. using Kickstarter makes reaching people near/in Paris, who very well could enjoy Alexander’s food, difficult. Which brings me to the next challenge.
  • The majority of his backers will likely NEVER step foot in Paris!
    • This is the biggest obstacle. His rewards are almost all focused on free doughnut vouchers, that never expire, in case the backer happens to come to Paris in the future. This means his backers REALLY have to like his campaign, his idea, and him because they will be giving mostly out of charity, with little or no reward in return.

But despite all of these obstacles Alexander has been able to get people to pledge money for rewards they most likely will never use. Why do they do that? The answer is simple. Those backers BELIEVE in Alexander. They like him, his dreams, his style, his ideas, his craft and they want him to succeed. Alexander made this happen through a mix of running the best campaign an amateur could, being genuinely good at his craft, and…being genuine. Here is another list, to illustrate the things he did to meet the challenges and connect with people.

How Alexander Roberts Overcame The Obstacles!

  • His opening video is GREAT
    • It’s silly, funny, informative and of course AUTHENTIC! I don’t know what gave him the idea that shots of Paris, his dance moves, and kitten shaped doughnuts would make people want to back his campaign. But he had the RIGHT idea! His video is a great introduction to who he is and what he’s all about and you automatically feel like you know him.
  • Cat Shaped Doughnuts!
    • These made my wife go crazy!!! And they perfectly match his fun and flavorful style
    • cat doughnut.jpeg
  • His Updates are Heartfelt and Fun
    • Sometimes its him lip-syncing a rap while dancing and baking and sometimes it’s a plea for sharing the project. Both are effective in reminding you that he is a person and make you feel like you know him better.

At the end of it all you can see why people like Alexander and want to help him. Here is my last list to illustrate the results of his efforts.

The Results of Alexander’s Efforts

  • His campaign makes you happy and hungry
  • At the end of it you feel like he is that crazy college friend who ran off to Paris on whim, but everyone knows he’s going to be fine.
  • You feel INSPIRED by his dreams and his drive
  • You feel like he can accomplish those dreams
  • And you want to help him

Alexander’s campaign is still ongoing. As of this post, he has raised $5,740 of his $6,536 goal. And he only has 4 days left to close the gap. I genuinely hope he accomplishes his goal because frankly, he’s just a good guy and I like him. If you want to learn more about him or visit his campaign I’ll leave a few links here to help you out. Until next time I’m Zack Applewhite with Betta Games, have a magical day.

His Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/77435543/doughmade-the-portable-doughnut-shop-in-paris/description

His Twitter: https://twitter.com/kealro

A Blog Post: http://hipparis.com/2016/02/16/from-brooklyn-to-paris-a-bakers-tale-of-transition-and-doughnuts/

His Website: http://thealexanderoberts.com/


(Also feel Free to check out my current Kickstarter campaign “The $1 Poem Project” – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/845779441/the-1-poem-project?ref=nav_search



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