The Purpose Of The Blog

Hi, I’m Zack Applewhite of Betta Games….and I’ve never blogged before. So to start things off I thought that answering the question, “Why blog?” was as good a place to start as any…So here we go

Why I’m Blogging

  1. I want to learn. I’ve discovered that blogs are a great resource for those who want to learn about a multitude of topics. For me Specifically those topics include, but are not limited to,  Tabletop gaming, Tabletop game design, Kickstarter, Crowd funding in general,  and Poetry.
  2. I’m experimenting.  Right now I’m running a Kickstarter campaign entitled “The $1 Poem Project” (specifics of that will come later) This campaign is my way of learning more about crowd funding in general and Kickstarter in particular by gaining first hand experience in running a successful campaign. After fulfilling the pledges for Kickstarter I plan to run the same campaign on another crowd funding site, and continue this until I have experience in all the major crowd funding sites. So I’ve decided that recording these experiences in blog form will help me be organized and focused, and would allow others to learn from my experiences as well.
  3. I want to meet people who share my interests. It’s really easy to feel alone in your passions when you don’t have a community to share with. Thanks to other blogs I’ve discovered, I’ve been able to gain and participate in that sense of community and passion that blogging houses. And frankly I want more of that.

And that’s the gist of why I’m blogging…..I don’t really know how to end this….

If anyone happens to read this feel free to comment or ask questions or scroll through your Facebook and never return….whatever works for you 🙂

In any case, Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day.



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